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Parya B.V. is a Dutch e-commerce company specializing in seasonal and trend-sensitive items, at the right time and for the best price! In our extensive assortment you will find the most beautiful products for home, electronics, gadgets and much more. Curious? Take a look at our offer, or get advice from one of our enthusiastic employees! We are happy to be at your service.

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  1. Review by Heike Pludra — on 25 jun. 2022
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1 resultaat

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You have the option to return products for FREE within 30 days of your order.

If you want to return a product you can request a RETURNS INSTRUCTION from our customer service.
Our customer service can be reached via the following e-mail address and telephone number.

Using this return instruction (shipping label or freepost number) you can return the package to us free of charge.

- Products from us can not be returned to Obelink (not even in one of the stores).
- Products can be returned with all accessories, if reasonably possible in original condition and packaging. If you have used the product too much to evaluate it, we may charge a reduction in value. That amount will be deducted from the amount you still receive in return. Products with broken seals cannot be returned (e.g. games, batteries and hygiene-sensitive products).
- If a product is damaged or defective please notify us immediately so that we can work with you to find a solution.
- When you return an order, do not forget to include the packing slip and/or a return form (otherwise your return cannot be processed).
- Always ask for and keep the shipping receipt in case the package goes missing by mistake.
- If we have received the product in good condition, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Obelink.
- The refund will (if applicable) be taken care of by Obelink.
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